I have a 21 year old son who has been in foster care since he was 2

can an 18 year old girl legally date a 62 year old man in the state of Pennsylvania without anyone getting into any trouble? anon383

I did not go through the foster care system in Pa. I placed him on my own. Although, the foster family did get an attorney. Right now my son is in a hospital with severe brain injury due to a hit and run accident. My question is who has the legal right to make decisions concerning my son. Me or his foster parents? I’ve been told that now that he’s 21, only I can make life and death

IN the USA, you can kick your kids out in the streets at age 18, but If they pay rent, you need to have them served with legal papers saying they are evicted. anon355

my girl is 19 and says I cannot make her move out, that she is a tenant, even though she has never paid rent. I want her to leave. Do I have to use a legal process, like an eviction notice (we’re in california)? How do I «kick her out»? radranda

I am about to be 17 on I too young to move out if I have someone to take me in and hire me at their work? anon297

How come you cannot apply for grants without a parent co-signer at 21 (the very legal age), but you get put out of a foster home at 18 because you are an «adult»? anon233

My son (17 years.) stole some items from a store. The amount is $! And they took him to an adult jail instead of juvenile jail. Am i liable to pay this or is my son? anon226

i will be 16 in 2 days.. i want to move out.. is that possible? My boyfriend is 17.. anon217

my question is one a legal adult in texas that can make one’s own decisions about one’s life at the age of 17? anon142

Im am 17 years old and im will be 18 in about 7-8 months and my mom is telling me that even though im turning 18 im not going to be able to move out on my own until im 21

My son is 18 years old and recently moved out of state to live with his father and stepmother while attending school. He has had extensive medical issues since birth and will have to see specialists for the rest of his life. Can he legally prevent his stepparent and father from attending his d

i going to be 17, and in Texas that makes me an adult. i want to know if i can move to Arkansas and still be considered an adult. anon111

Im going to be 17 soon and im an adult in texas but can i move to arkansas even though ill be 17 soon? i need proof tooplease anon91

Is it True That A Male is not considered an Adult until he turns 21,But a Woman is considered an Adult at the age of 18? anon44

someone told me that if you had been through the system as a child, then the legal age changes from 18 to 21. that sounded like a load to me, but I was wondering. is it true?

  • What can be Done if a Parent Refuses to Pay Child Support?

I’m 17. I have a job, yet my mom does not. She asks me for money all the time; I make more than she does. I had to drop our to support her. She threw a carpenter’s hammer at me this morning because I told her she needed to wait until tomorrow before I could help her paint because of a work related injury.

I have been a runaway for three months and I’m not going back home because of all the family issues, like my mom jumped on me and tried to choke me. So I left home in e back.

I am 16 and my mother took me to Jamaica and I don’t want to live here but she wants me to go through the same pain she did and I want to go and live with my father in America. What can I do? anon3153

I’m 16 and my boyfriend is 19. If I got pregnant, would I be able to move out or do my parents have to sign a paper? I know he can’t get in trouble because the legal age of consent is 16. I need to know! I live in Kentucky. anon2580

She has kept telling me that they are going to pay the rent, but they don’t. I was just biding my time till she was 21 and with the lease I could then evict them for non-payment. She has never been easy to live with she dropped out of school at the beginning of 10th grade https://hookupdate.net/how-to-reset-tinder/ and would disappear for days at a time.

I am 24 years old, and I date a 17 year old girl and we have a six month old baby. We have so many problems that I don’t feel like being with her anymore. The problem is that she wants me to stay with her and she even tells me that if I leave her she is going to put me in jail, because she is a minor and she is not going to let me see the baby ever again, and that she is going to put me in jail because I hit her — something that is not true. What can I do? Is it possible that I can go to jail? Do I have to stay with her? anon2056

My boyfriend doesn’t want me to go back home and I don’t either, because this is not the first time she has done that

I ran away and missed my court date, and they put a warrant for me as a juvenile. I’m 18. do i have anything to worry about? anon1717

I’m 17 and I’ll turn 18 on June 16. i want to marry a 30 year old guy. Do my parents have to sign? anon1588

I know that in the state of texas for girls is age 17. Why i know this? It’s because my sister tried to run away and my mom found her. My sister tried to run again and my mom saw a cop and stopped him. When the cop asked to see my sister’s id and seen she had just turned 17, he told my mother that he couldn’t do anything because she was at legal age to do what she wants. My mom went everywhere asking lawyers and they said the same.

I’m 100 percent financially stable, I work 36 hours a week making $10 an hour in addition to full time college. My parents are very religious and feel I’m immature because I doubt religion.


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