The pair of them are more sluggish losing resistant to the worst pushes

[Ep thirty-five] QingMu and you can HouChi is actually suppressing the fresh new evil forces one JingYang help away. QingMu pretends to not ever become damage anyway to make sure that HouChi isn’t really alarmed.

HouChi would go to the new Beautiful Castle and requires to help you penalize by herself. (I really don’t truly know what precise punishment it is, since there aren’t one subtitles, and you can my Chinese is not that a, but I am aware that it’s extremely very bad) But before she goes to score penalized, QIngMu and you can HouChi was planning wed.

HouChi starts recovery BoXuan, and you may hopes which he quickly gets up. However, QingMu’s like: I am hoping you stand resting for over millennium, zero step one,100 age, no that isn’t sufficient, 100,000 ages. Yes, which is a pleasant matter.

[Ep thirty six] Qingmu offers HouChi particular talismans to greatly help the woman if the she actually is from inside the threat, and he also offers the girl brand new lovable nothing doggo.

QingMu and you may HouChi features a wedding on mortal domain. JingJian are providing QingMu some tests. The first a person is providing currency with the mortals. The next decide to try would be the fact QingMu has to guess which one is basically HouChi. But he plays a trick and pretends one GuJun is coming Korean dating review. He today understands that HouChi is at the trunk. However, ZiYue arrives and you can wants to inexpensive HouChi aside. HouChi still chooses QingMu. It successfully features a wedding, and you may JingZhao comes, and you can informs JingJian on which JingYang did. (I am pleased one she cannot bother the pair of them too much *yet)

[Ep 37] JingJian says to FengRan one she will not deserve him… FengRan is troubled given that hell and you can heartbroken. They theoretically break up.

HouChi goes toward the newest Hidden mountain to end the evil pushes, and she actually is supposed to remain truth be told there to own 100 years. Nevertheless QingMu’s absolutely nothing paper guy can go to the new hill with HouChi. ZiYue shows up and movements BaiJue’s Mount lookout toward Invisible Hill, so HouChi actually alone.

JingJian comes to new QingChi Castle, but spends the latest reason of enjoying QingMu out of, regardless of if the guy actually planned to find FengRan. Then he appreciated which they split up, making upwards other terrible reason and left. Whenever FengRan read one to JingJian concerned QingChi palace, she had awesome thrilled, but remembered that they split, and told the others never to assist him in the QingChi Castle once more.

HouChi and you may ZIYue live a very crazy lives themselves, because ZiYue is the merely other person that will get through the new burden. HouChi and you may QingMu upload letters to one another through the papers man.

FengRan will get a message out of some dude in the Phoenix Clan, advising her this mysterious person will inform their her birth reputation.

He has got good sappy moment, in addition to blue fireflies and you can a very much time hug

[Ep 38] JingJian and FengRan satisfy QingMu about Phoenix Clan accidentally. There’s a tremendously unusual devilish energy here. BoXuan gets up-and helps QingMu fight-off the energy. (they look and you will challenge exactly the same) Looks like, QingMu’s religious base is through Devil Electricity. BoXuan merges which have QingMu.

JingJian and you can FengRan end up in a forbidden part about Phoenix Clan and that i envision FengRan has actually one thing to perform having FengYan, the new Queen of Phoenix Clan you to definitely faked this lady along with her lover’s dying (back when ShangGu and you may BaiJue were still real time)

Our BaiJue has returned! Once consolidating together with her, BaiJue appears much more fierce with his outfits turn black. But BaiJue just had forty% from his energy right back, since it is actually also abrupt, so he could be nevertheless hurt.


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