This article will explore the fresh new in the-breadth system regarding enneagram subtypes

Enneagram subtypes come out of enneagram culture to compliment the fresh understanding of identification sort of to make certain that an individual has a better knowledge of your self enabling your from inside the top a better lives.


Enneagram is a network out-of typology and that describes the fresh personality away from the person because the enough interrelated identity variety of.

It has got gained popularity on the religious and you will team website name however, this isn’t generally accepted from inside the proof-situated psychology as it does not have empirical research.

Enneagram personality theory:

Enneagram character is scheduled with the aid of brand new enneagram design. It include a group which have 9 line of characters.

On greatest function, enneagram stands for nine collection of personality types also it grows cutting-edge when such 9 characters bring about twenty seven more personality subtypes.

Enneagram characters is clustered when you look at the 3 x step 3 arrangement giving go up to three locations. These types of three centers was instinctual, impression, and thought.

The newest arrangement regarding identity to the cardio is not haphazard as an alternative it’s the emotional a reaction to losing connection with new core self.

Which mental answer is mainly involuntary and you may strong. It ought to be noted the thinking from three facilities is common amongst all the personalities variety of although characters from a middle are affected by one to emotion.

Based on scientists when you look at the enneagram institute, somebody will get part of on their own in every identification systems however, one of many systems constitutes this new principal element of their identity.

Centered on him or her, men and women are born thereupon dominating character it is further become designed by the ecosystem and you can enjoy.

The brand new identification types of a person is produced and this describes how a good person reacts with the experiences and these skills reciprocally figure how a character is actually shaped.

A person can relate with all the personality types but predicated on enneagram institute, this is the dominant identity that is important.

It must be indexed here you to definitely not one person identification kind of was considered better than other people by the experts from the enneagram institute.

The advantages of one identification form of can be seen since the a beneficial barrier otherwise helpful for anyone with respect to the individual and you can the fresh society they fall into.

Such, the characteristic to be notice-based upon can help individuals located in individualistic people however, you’ll be trouble for just one from inside the good collectivist neighborhood.

The essential identity systems:

  1. Reformer
  2. Helper
  3. Achiever
  4. Individualistic
  5. Investigator
  6. Loyalist
  7. Lover
  8. Challenger
  9. Peacemaker

The fresh new Wings:

Enneagram specialist shows that no body person has only one pure identity as an alternative the fresh new dominating identity variety of is actually dependent on each one otherwise each of its adjoining character brands.

It is vital to be the cause of these wings on the other hand into principal identity kind of since they are often known as the next side of your personality.

Such as for instance, people with character types of seven would be influenced often because of the sweet or seven which happen to be next to they.

There is certainly a paradox into the enneagram customs you to definitely both you can find a couple of wings affecting brand new dominating character version of individual.

Enneagram subtypes:

And additionally features out-of first personality variety of and its own side enneagram together with check out the instinctive demands out of a human.

It incorporate individual instincts toward earliest personality types of giving go up so you can twenty seven enneagram subtypes. Enneagram subtypes merge the brand new instinctive means regarding a human are which have psychological needs.

An analogy out of gut and you may enneagram character are going to be a plate out-of restaurants where in fact the plate of food is an enthusiastic enneagram personality sort of, gut will determine which food might possibly be chose earliest or perhaps is thought good-by an individual.

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