When you want to make a baby: missionary

Obviously you can get pregnant just by having sex. But if you’re trying to really increase your odds of putting a bun in the oven, health experts will tell you again and again to go with missionary. But not just plain ole’ missionary. In this situation, you should mix in a pelvic tilt, Amy Levine, founder of SexEdSolutions, tells Woman’s Day.

«Putting a pillow under the tush can help elevate your pelvis and create a slide effect, providing an easy path for his swimmers to make their way through your cervix [and to] your ovum,» she says. «Typically, women who try this tend to maximize the ejaculation, since it stays in the body a little longer compared to positions in which you’re upright [that allow] the semen to drip out of the vagina.»

Another helpful tip: Make sure he works to get you off, Ava Cadell, a sex educator and founder of Loveology University in Los Angeles, tells http://www.hookupdate.net/dating-over-60 Woman’s Day. Not only will it feel amazing, but also a woman is more likely to get pregnant if she climaxes, she says.

When getting off is your biggest concern: CAT.

Ladies, the time has come for you to stop missing out on the sensational feeling of an orgasm. While you may have tried a position or two that gets you off, Dr. Herbenick says there’s one that’s been scientifically proven to be helpful for reaching orgasm: CAT, or the coital alignment technique. «This is a wonderful variation on missionary,» she says. «It involves the guy sliding himself forward, with his shoulders past yours, and your pelvic areas grinding.»

That skin-on-skin action means CAT is super heavy on the clitoral stimulation, and since 37 percent of women need some of that to climax, according to Taylor & Francis Online, a collection of peer-reviewed journals, it’s no wonder this sex position gets the stamp of approval.

When you want him to last longer: fox.

While premature ejaculation is a medical condition, according to Mayo Clinic, that your partner may need to seek treatment for, there are a few sex positions that can help increase his staying power. First, there’s good ole’ missionary, which Levine says works because he can stop and start when his arousal increases, making it easier for him to take it down a notch and last longer. But if you’ve done that position one too many times lately, try the fox position instead, Cadell suggests. It’s a variation of missionary, but instead of your legs lying flat on the bed, they go up and over your partner’s shoulders.

«Penetration is very deep in this position . and he can dive totally inside her, maintaining his arousal and lasting longer,»Cadell says.

When your partner is well-endowed: criss-cross.

Even though the porn industry may try to convince you that a very well-endowed man will only increase the amount of pleasure you feel, the fact of the matter is that it can be downright painful – but only if you’re not in the right sex position, which would basically be any one that allows for super deep penetration. Why? If he has a large penis, it could hit your cervix during intense thrusting, and that kind of contact doesn’t usually feel good, Levine says.

So if you’re looking for more of an «ooh» than an «ouch,» here’s your move: «The guy lies on his side; she lies perpendicular to him with legs spread as they [drape] over his body,» Dr. Herbenick says. «This allows her to hold the base of his shaft if she wants to limit his range of motion, and allows her to use pelvic rocks to create an in-and-out sensation.»


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