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I am going to lay my process bare for you

I am going to lay my process bare for you

And another thing, she does something in the afterword that she’s constantly doing in her books as well that DRIVES ME NUTS:

«I am going to tell you where the idea for Flirt first came from. I’m going to tell you the first scene that came into my head, because most books start with a scene for me. I’ll tell you the first idea, and I’ll even tell you the fertile ground that that idea found to land on, which happened nearly a year before . I’m going to tell you the schedule I kept, the pages I wrote per day, the music I listened to, and the books I read for extra research while writing the book. «

I think they might be now, but I’m not sure

So, the story. Here’s the crazy thing: I liked it! If you can get passed all the poor writing mechanics the story is actually enjoyable. We finally get back to Anita raising zombies and most of her men are absent for the better part of the novel. I’ve come to the realization now though that I like Anita when she’s by herself and not constantly covered in men and having to deal with their moping and posturing. The scenes with Jason, Nathaniel, and Micah were the weakest in the novel. When we finally get to the meat of the story and the two crazy lions join in things get really interesting. It felt like I was reading the old Anita again. I found myself reading furiously, trying to get to the end to see what would happen to everyone. I stayed up until 5 in the morning reading so I could finish. I haven’t felt that need with her books for a long time now. It was nice to have it back.

And just the way she writes in the afterword she’s making it sound like she’s soooo clever for coming up with Flirt from her «real-life» experience

I’m still sick of Anita’s magical vagina and how she collects a new man (or two) every book now though. It’s gotten to the point where the original men are all but forgotten. Ver mas


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